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001. How to Create New Habits for a Successful School Year

January 2, 2020

A new year makes so many of us reflect back on the year that we are leaving behind  and think about what could be different in the new year. It's a time for new opportunities, new experiences and resolutions that make us happier and more successful as individuals and in our professions.

However, reality comes flooding back quickly and what we dreamed of doing to make the year better is left as a burden of “more things” that need to get done. 

That is why we need to rethink New Year’s Resolutions and instead view our lives as small goals and habits. 


[2.47] A goal in its simplest form is simply a result of some ambition that we had at some point in our lives. Graduating top of my class was a goal and I achieved it, but once it is achieved then we move onto something else to continuously become more successful. 

[3.30] A habit on the other hand starts as a choice and becomes an unconscious decision; meaning, it becomes a part of your daily routine that you no longer have to make an effort to complete that task. 

In so many cases, you have to create new habits in order to reach goals, which is why they go hand in hand. 


Head over to www.teachingonthedouble.com/001 to get hire examples and the free habits tracker.

[5.20] Step 1: Set a goal and break it down

[9.18] Step 2: Create a System

[11.28] Step 3: Track your progress

[15.30] Step 4: Evaluate your progress 


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