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002. 5 Things That Should Be a Part of EVERY Teacher’s Morning Routine

January 9, 2020

We are huge fans of watching videos on morning routines for all types of individuals from all different fields. There is something about getting to peek into their lives and seeing how they do it. You might call it creepy or even a little more stalkerish, but we call it research for building the ideal morning experience and ensuring that you start the day with a positive mindset. 

We went through countless videos of morning routines and even analyzed our own routines and we were able to identify five major components to ensure that you start your day off right. We are going to chat through each component and give some examples. 

As always, remember, you need to do what works for you, but if we are standing in front of you saying that this works find a way to fit in and give it a shot (a good shot, not a half one) to making it work. 

Let’s dive in! OH! Keep in mind that these may not necessarily go in the exact order as well. 

[ 4:50] #1: Time to get grounded

[ 10:10] #2. Time to review your schedule

[ 13:27] #3. Time to Review Your Power List

[ 19:33] #4. Time to Review Your Materials

[ 27:07] #5. Time to Get Motivated

Routines are important, they hold us together doing the craziest of times and they ensure that we are always performing our best work, but keep in mind that it is called a routine because we do this on a regular basis. Only then can we expect the routine to work for our lifestyle. 

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