Teaching to the TOP

005. How to Put Yourself First WITHOUT Feeling Guilty

January 30, 2020

We all know that the line of work that we are involved in *teaching* can be incredibly exhausting. We give so much of ourselves through our time, energy, understanding, heart, and we bare the burden of so many. 

Therefore, it’s of no surprise that we take the time to remind ourselves of the importance of taking time for YOU. The more you give, the more time you need to recoup and regain your strength in order to continue giving day in and day out. 

So, let’s chat about not only the why  of putting yourself first, but also the how to put yourself first. These may be things that you know or have heard before but we all need reminders to ensure that we are following through. 

[2:32] THE WHY

Listen and learn about the key reasons on why it is critical that you are giving back to yourself. These will be reminders but they just might be the reminders that you need. 

[5:00] THE HOW-TO

Learn how we give back to ourselves! We share some of our favorite ways to make sure that we are thinking about us. 

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But what about getting it all done? Well, that is going to require some responsibility and commitment on your part. We share a few tips to help get you started!


Remember that in order for us to take time for ourselves, we also have to hold ourselves accountable in other ways, but if you feel like you are drowning,  stop, breathe, and think about you. Refill that cup in order to pull yourself up on that raft at the end of the day. 


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