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006. How to ACTUALLY Finish Your To-Do List

February 6, 2020

We’ve all experienced the Neverending To-Do List. The list that makes you feel as though you can’t breathe and your heart is falling to the pit of your stomach. We have also experienced the satisfaction of marking items off of our to-do list and feeling the accomplishment that follows. 

A To-Do list is an incredibly useful tool. It helps to keep our focus, provides us with things to accomplish when our brains are not functioning properly. A good to-do list also frees up space within your brain. Our brains, the majority of the time, cannot remember every to-do that you have thought of within any specific time frame. This is what causes the dreaded feeling of what was I getting?  at the grocery store. 

When we take the time to really think about all the tasks that we need to accomplish and we write them down, you also become more present at the moment and dare I say, sleep better. 

So we know that a good to-do list is valuable. We know that we can feel less stressed when we have one, but how do you ACTUALLY get those items checked off? 

[3:50] Steps to ACTUALLY finishing your To-Do list

[4:05] Step #1: Get it Down

In this step, the focus is on how to get your to-do’s down. Writing them on random pieces of sticky notes and leaving them around the classroom, may not be as productive as you’d think. 

[13:20] Step #2: Sort It

Once you have your to-dos created and in one location, it is time to sort your lists. This step will help you to get rid of distraction and focus on accomplishing the to-dos that need your attention the most. 

[13:55] The method that we use and that we find to be quite useful is The Eisenhower Method for Taking Action. 

[16:05] If that method seems to overwhelm you a bit, start smaller by creating three categories: needs to be done today, needs to be done this week, and needs to be done this month. 

[20:05] Step #3: Schedule It

When are you going to do it? Yes, you have your list and you have them sorted into the most important tasks, you still need to determine when you are going to do it. 

[22:35] Step #4: Get It Done

Now, it’s the hardest part! Getting the list done. You have the tools, you know the strategies, but now it’s up to you to get it all done! Again, be like Nike and just do it!

Keep in mind that with these to-do’s you do not want to have tasks that are recurring. These to-dos should be built into your schedule already. These are tasks that come up time and time again and not only do they have a place in your schedule but they also have their own checklist. Adding every time that you can think of will only overwhelm you. 

We will be sharing more about the projects or recurring to-dos later on in another episode! We hope that you feel inspired and equipped to tackle your to-do’s and take control of your time! 


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