Teaching to the TOP

007. Lesson Planning Like a PRO

February 13, 2020

This is a topic that we think you all are going to absolutely LOVE! Today, we are talking about lesson planning. Yup. We said it. Lesson Planning. We want to dive deep into getting your lesson plans done so that you can leave on Friday feeling ready for the next week. 

But here is the thing, lesson planning is NOT a to-do. It’s not something you write to write down on your checklist because lesson planning is a project. In this case, it is a recurring project. When we understand that lesson planning is a project then we are more capable of tackling it with a separate process. A process that is unique to project planning. 

Now, if you are already asking the question, “Am I able to apply this to any project?” Absolutely! You can! We are using lesson planning as an example for this episode because it is a project that EVERY teacher has on their plate, but you can use these steps for any project no matter if it is a one-time project or recurring project. 

7 Steps to Lesson Planning Like a PRO!

[6:50] Step #1: Define your End

[8:37] Step #2: Set Your Deadline

[10:13] Step #3: Brain Dump

[14:03] Step #4: Create a List of Materials

[15:28] Step #5: Group Related Tasks Together

[19:10] Step #6: Find the Time to Batch

[20:20] Step #7: Monitor Your Progress

[20:58] Review of the Steps


Leaving school at the end of the week knowing that your plans are ready all the way down to the copies is truly life-changing, but it’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s quite simple when you break things down into actionable steps that allow you to see the whole process. Give this a try and be sure to share how it has worked for you!


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