Teaching to the TOP

010. How to Feel Like a Good Teacher Without Feeling Overwhelmed

March 5, 2020

We have all felt it. You know. That feeling of success and that feeling of complete and utter defeat. When you feel really good in one area, another area suffers, and this leads you to feel self-doubt and anxiety that you are not performing the way that you should be. The answer is not to be good at everything or get all the things checked off your to-do but more about finding the balance that works for you and those individuals that are in your life. 

This is the one thing that so many people ask us: “How do you do it all?” People see us and the videos we put out, but they don’t realize that we had to sacrifice a date night or got into an argument for working too hard in order to make it happen. All you see in our social media presence are happy moments. 

Now while you may not be on social media, you still have a lot of parts that you play in your own life. All those parts require your attention and in order to ensure that you slow it down and pay attention to your mental and physical health, we have some tips on how to feel like a good teacher without feeling overwhelmed. 

[4:46] Tips for Feeling Like a good Teacher, Mom, Wife, etc… Without Feeling Overwhelmed

[5:20] Tip #1: Stop comparing yourself to other teachers

[8:07] Tip #2: Let go of perfectionism

[10:38] Tip #3: Say no to some things so you can say yes to other things

[13:55] Tip#4: Stop moving the goal post

[15:38] Tip #5: Return the focus to your students

Above all, remember that what you give every day in and outside of the classroom is appreciated by so many. You are making a difference and giving back. Stop being like everyone else and instead be you. There is, after all, only one you.  


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